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If one were to discuss World War II, what most people conjure up are images of Nazi death camps and the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. Not to belittle those historic and barbaric acts; but because of them, the wickedness of Josef Stalin against the German civilians who had nothing to do with the war are glossed over.

Stalin and Beria were a sadistic duo whose evil knew no bounds. Not only wanting revenge on the German army for the sufferings inflicted during war and battle, he wanted to purge the countryside of any German presence. How best to do it? With angry and blood-thirsty soldiers amped on vodka, who were given the freedom to express it with no repercussions!


The rapes, beatings, murders and pillaging became nothing more than a forgotten blemish in the annals of history; washed away with rationalization of a fluke, an anomaly with no source of authority. Families either torn apart or murdered altogether. The brutality that has been covered up is a crime against humanity. "In the Course of My Life" gives the story from the first-person perspective of one who is not an historian, politician or military member; but rather, from the eyes and heart of one who survived and cannot forget, Renata Reinhart.

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The brutality suffered by the German population on the Eastern Front was unprecedented. Read the synopsis of "In the Course of My Life" and understand why if you are a history buff or one who wants the truth that was not rewritten by the winners of the conflict, this book belongs on your shelf. Click here to read the synopsis>>


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